Thank you. If not for you... I think... I think I really would have started to hate humans.

–Alma, to Horst Gedeck, Vamp! IV

Alma (アルマ Aruma) is a young human girl who lived in a small hillside village in Southern Germany that was populated entirely by vampires until the entire vampire population was wiped out by Eaters.

The sole surviving villager, she became the temporary ward of Horst Gedeck, the village's postman and the first on the scene of the incident.

She became extremely quiet after everything that happened, and she soon became the target of suspicion as people noted the twin teeth marks on her neck. She and Horst were soon victimized by his neighbours, who sent him threatening messages and culminated in their fury by burning his house down.

The two go on the run, and are soon threatened by a horde of Eaters commanded by Levillio of the Sunford Clan. They are rescued by members of The Organization, and Alma leaves Horst's custody to stay at the Mars Family's country home for an uncertain amount of time.