...After all these years, you’re still a mystery. Sometimes you’re a shameless clown, and other times you’re positively demonic.

Laetitia Gitarin Aztanduja to Caldimir, Vamp! III

Caldimir Aleksandrov (カルジミール・アレクサンドロフ Karujimīru Arekusandorofu) the "Blue Flow of Blood" (青き血河 Aoki Chikawa) is a vampire of Russian descent and a Rainbow officer of The Organization. He is a third-rate actor reject and a highly overdramatic man who is easily embarrassed.

He sees Gerhardt von Waldstein as his rival, though Gerhardt shares none of his animosity.

Caldimir's abilities are certainly unknown. He is apparently powerful in one-on-one fights, but is weak when outnumbered.

The other Organization members hold little respect for Caldimir (except for Zygmunt Kiparis, who is Caldimir's loyal follower) and frequently physically assault him at meetings.

During Gerhardt's long leave of absence, Caldimir attempts to assume the leadership role in his stead.

In 2005, Caldimir dispatches Zygmunt, Rudi Wenders, and Theresia Riefenstahl to the island of Growerth to act as Melhilm Herzog's guides as they infiltrate the island. He claims that he has sent them there to target Relic von Waldstein, though in actuality his true target is Valdred Ivanhoe.