Cargilla (カルギラ Karugira) is a human vampire hunter who works for Otherworld Welfare Inc. Branch 666.

In May 2004, he and his team are hired by Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich to exterminate Gerhardt von Waldstein. They accidentally free Gerhardt instead, and are later subjugated by Pirie Mistwalker.

Once the dust settles, Gerhardt decides to reeducate the vampire hunters rather than simply allowing them to go free.

Appearance Edit

Cargilla is a large and well-built man with shoulder length pink-red hair alongside countless scars littering his face and arms. He wears a military-style jacket.

Personality Edit

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Chronology Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • While he and his team are important in Vamp!, they have not made an appearance in any of the other novels to date.