Carnald Strassburg (カルナルド・シュトラスブルク Karunarudo Shutorasuburuku) is Growerth's most celebrated figure, and its only resident who has left a historical mark on the outside world. He was alive during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

According to Gerhardt von Waldstein, Carnald was "at once an artist, a tactician, a loyal retainer and a traitor, a musician and a warrior, and an inventor and a destroyer. Truly an entertainer of many faces." He was also a playwright and an actor.

At the same time, Carnald was an Eater, a "first-rate" Hunter, and a 'collector of vampires.' Gerhardt intimates that occasionally Carnald would not eat a vampire and instead bring them to Growerth as inspiration for his art. He made significant efforts to strike a harmony between humans and vampires.

To the rest of the outside world, Carnald is only known for his creative talents, and not his supernatural affiliations.

In modern times, Growerth celebrates their famed historical figure by holding the Carnale Festival in his honor.

Trivia Edit

  • In Vamp! II, it is stated that Carnald was born and raised in the city of Neuberg. However, since the city of Neuberg was founded in the early 2000s, it might be more correct to assume that he was born in either Rukram or Mozartzungen (the two cities that merged to form Neuberg).
  • Carnald is referenced more than once in Baccano!, another light novel series by Ryohgo Narita.
    • He was the designer of the floating fortress (that is, a 'wall' of connected ships) that House Dormentaire uses to blockade the harbor of Lotto Valentino in 1711. According to Dormentaire delegation leader Carla Alvarez Santonia, the plans designed by an engineer from the 'Strassburg family' are so complex that not even the local workmen can comprehend the fortress' workings entirely.
    • According to Lady Lucrezia de Dormentaire, Strassburg was responsible for equipping Growerth with 'perfect sewage facilities.'
    • The Nebula corporation appears to have a keen interest in Carnald's work. Several of Carnald's paintings are on display in their Chicago headquarters in the 1930s, and Nebula's current emblem is rumored to be one of Carnald's designs.
  • He is also referenced in Durarara!!:
    • In Volume Five, a saleswoman attempts to sell a cheap print of one of Carnald's paintings to Chikage Rokujou at an exorbitant price. The Yen Press translation of the novel spells Carnald's name as "Karnald Strasburg."
    • Carnald is the answer to one of the crossword hints in a crossword puzzle Shingen Kishitani attempts to solve.
    • According to Kasane Kujiragi, the demonic hammer Bannajin is inspired by and a replica of another hammer created by Carnald.