Dimguil Sunford (ディンギル・サンフォールド Dingiru Sanfōrudo), sometimes referred to as the "Vampire Killer" (吸血鬼殺し Kyūketsu Oni-koroshi) is a powerful vampire from the Sunford Clan. Due to the nature of his abilities, the rest of the Sunford Clan does not think well of him because his powers are so unusual, and because he takes an interest in human culture.

In 2005, Dimguil is the cameraman for ZZZ Network's television crew that arrives on the island of Growerth to investigate a series of murder-kidnappings. He is, in fact, secretly assisting the perpetrator Juna Riebeluka with the murders (though she does not know it), adding a little supernatural flair to them with his powers. He films the entire incident on camera.

He also saves the life of Hilda Dietrich. He had bitten her before her heart was carved out by Juna, and thus had turned her afterwords.

He is considered a wild card.

Appearance Edit

From appearances alone, Dimguil looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He has a pale complexion -- so pale that to humans he looks ill. He has prominent dark shadows under his eyes, and is otherwise quite attractive.

Personality Edit

Unlike the others of the Sunford Clan, Dimguil does not see Humans as prey or slaves. He enjoys observing them, and says that it's interesting to 'make friends' with them.

His curiosity streak and penchant for observing others is not regulated by moral ethics, however. He has no qualms about secretly aiding Juna's murders for the sake of his own intrigue, and did not 'save' Hilda's 'life' out of altruism.

He often speaks in a warm and wry manner, and is fairly confident in his own abilities.

He seems to be fond of cameras, which he praises for giving the viewer an objective view despite the fact that he is a vampire filming humans.

Chronology Edit

(To be added)

Abilities Edit

Dimguil is considered the strongest vampire of the Sunford Clan, and for good reason. He is extremely powerful and dangerous since he has the power to negate other vampires' abilities by subjugation - a skill powerful enough to be called a curse. Though he is not the strongest vampire in the world, he is able to overcome the strongest vampires in the world with his power.

Since he is a member of the Sunford Clan, it is likely that he is immune to sunlight.

Trivia Edit

  • He enjoys eating special sandwiches, the recipe for which he came up with himself.
  • He texts with proper spelling and grammar, which contrasts with Pamela's less formal typing style.

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