You know, I despise humans. Don't get me wrong. It's not as though I want all of humanity dead. There are humans I respect and like, but there are more enemies among them than friends. In that sense, I despise the human race. That's why I manipulated Gerhardt into creating the Organization.

–Dorothy to Ferret von Waldstein, Vamp! IV

Dorothy Nifas (ドロシー・ニパス Doroshī Nipasu) the White (白雪姫 Shirayuki-hime) is an officer of The Organization, and the fiancée of Gerhardt von Waldstein.

She is directly responsible for the Organization's existence as she was the one to suggest it to Gerhardt in the first place, despite her intense dislike for humanity.

Appearance Edit

Dorothy has been called a 'snow elf' based on her looks alone: her hair is white; her irises are white; she dresses purely in white. She also drives a white car, and owns a white cell phone.

Personality Edit

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Chronology Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She enjoys apples. This fondness is likely a reference to the fairy-tale from which her title originates.
  • Her last name in Japanese is pronounced Nipasu - however, it is explicitly stated in the novel that her last name means 'snowflake' in Greek (Νιφάς). Therefore, fan-translators have used the more accurate 'Nifas' for her surname.