Fannie Lou (ファニー・ルー Fanī Rū) the "Light Green Usurper" (萌葱色の簒奪者 Moegi-iro no sandatsu-sha) is a vampire that was born as a spider in the late 15th century or so. Fannie spent the next five hundred years in spider form, only assuming human form around 1995.

He is an officer of The Organization, and in 2005 he volunteers to protect Alma in Southern Germany from the hordes of Eaters that are following her. He fights in the ensuing battle between the Organization and the Eaters.

Fannie Lou deeply dislikes the Clans, since they view his 'kind' (vampires that did not evolve from humans) as inferior life forms.

Appearance Edit

Fannie's human form looks to be around twelve years old. He has silky black hair partly dyed red, and wears gothic-style pants and a T-shirt. He has unusual blue eyes, which draw anyone in if they meet his gaze.

Underneath his shirt, Fannie has six 'arms' - carapace-covered crustacean like legs. He would be highly embarrassed and ashamed if a girl saw them.

Personality Edit

Though Fannie has been alive for centuries, he has the personality and mentality of a boy since he has only been in human form for ten years.

He loves little girls around his own 'age'. From time to time, he ties them up in spiderwebs and tries to do things like sucking their blood or dressing them up in his preferred fashions. However, since he loves them so much he always ends up releasing them if they ask him.

If a girl calls him a monster, he bursts into tears and becomes depressed.

Chronology Edit

(To be added)

Trivia Edit

  • He has never been able to fulfil any of his fantasies.
  • He likes moths and butterflies.