Then... I'll choose to protect my brother. Because we're on the same boat.

I don't mind things this way. I'll live on for eternity alongside him. We’re each other's only blood relations. Because he has everything that I don't, I'll be his shadow. Because that will mean I was born to help Relic for all of time. That's why I'll do anything to protect him— even if it means annihilating all humans and vampires from the world.

–Ferret to Gerhardt von Waldstein, Vamp!

Ferret von Waldstein (フェレット・フォン・バルシュタイン Ferreto fon Barushutain) is the adopted daughter of Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein and twin sister of Relic von Waldstein.

Appearance Edit

Ferret has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She dresses in stiff, formal attire as she believes befits her aristocratic birth, normally in the vein of black dresses and black tights.

Personality Edit

Due to the circumstances of her birth, Ferret is the closest a vampire can come to humanity and could live a perfectly ordinary life should she so desire. Rather than reject her vampiric status, however, she embraces it: with nothing else to her name (having been adopted rather than born into aristocracy), she designates her vampiric nature to be 'superior' to that of humans out of pride and latches onto that superiority as an identity.

As a performative means of expressing her superiority, she dresses in formal aristocratic attire and adopts an old-fashioned and overly formal manner of speaking (including referring to her brother as "Honored Brother" as opposed to his actual name). To walk a different path than her brother - to mingle with humans and do what he could not - frightens her utterly, as she fears the idea of becoming someone utterly separate to and from him.

Ferret often responds to Michael Dietrich's enthusiastic affection with violence, though she never does anything that could cause him actual harm.

Chronology Edit

Background Edit

Ferret and her brother are born as the product of centuries of experiments conducted by Organization officer Melhilm Herzog, a vampire attempting to create the 'perfect vampire' of legends. Using Ferret's parents as guinea pigs, he artificially induced twins in their mother's womb with the intention of having one twin (Relic) inherit all of vampirekind's strengths, while shunting all of vampirekind's weaknesses onto the other twin (Ferret).

The experiment goes awry: Relic inherits numerous powers and numerous weaknesses, and Ferret inherits practically none of them. The advantages she does inherit are the most basic of powers (superhuman strength, prolonged youth, regenerative abilities), and she inherits no weaknesses at all.

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