Then... I'll choose to protect my brother. Because we're on the same boat.

I don't mind things this way. I'll live on for eternity alongside him. We’re each other's only blood relations. Because he has everything that I don't, I'll be his shadow. Because that will mean I was born to help Relic for all of time. That's why I'll do anything to protect him— even if it means annihilating all humans and vampires from the world.

–Ferret to Gerhardt von Waldstein, Vamp! I, p.104.

Ferret von Waldstein (フェレット・フォン・バルシュタイン Ferreto fon Barushutain) is the adopted daughter of Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein and twin sister of Relic von Waldstein.

She and her brother were experimented on in the womb by Melhilm Herzog of The Organization, in Melhilm's pursuit to create the perfect vampire. Melhilm decided to design a pair of twins - one of which (Relic) he intended to make entirely powerful, and the other (Ferret) he intended to shunt all of Relic's weaknesses onto.

The experiment went awry. Ferret did not inherit Relic's weaknesses. Instead, Relic inherited both numerous powers and numerous weaknesses, while Ferret was born with neither. She has none of the weaknesses that traditionally hamper vampires, and her 'advantages' are nothing special: Superhuman strength; prolonged youth; regenerative abilities.

In other words, Ferret is perhaps the closest a vampire can be to human, and if she so chooses she can live a perfectly ordinary life.

However, Ferret chooses to distance herself socially, latching onto her aristocratic status as an identity. She speaks in overly formal tones, and refers to Relic as "Honored Brother" instead of his actual name. To walk a different path than her brother - to mingle with humans and do what he could not - the idea scares her. She fears the idea of becoming someone utterly separate to and from him.

Ferret often uses violence in response to Michael Dietrich's gregarius and persistent nature - a punch, or a body-throw. However, she never does anything that could cause him actual harm.

(Article will be expanded upon. Sections: Appearance; Personality; Chronology etc to be added).

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