For now, you’re my subordinate. You are. From today on, you’re going to take orders from me. You are. I don’t know what happened here. I don’t. But did you really think you’d be happy once you died? Did you really think you could die? No, no, no. You are our dog. You are. Dogs don’t kill themselves. Nope. Understand? Super-clear? You’re a sin, you know. You Eaters are a sin to us vampires. If you ate a hundred vampires, you have to save a hundred vampires. If you ate a thousand vampires, you have to do all their work for us. Redemption. Let’s call it redemption.

–Garde to Rudi Wenders, Vamp! III

Garde Ritzberg (ギャルド・リッツバーグ Gyarudo Rittsubāgu) the "Black Gravekeeper" ("漆黒の墓守" "Shikkoku no Hakamori") is an officer of The Organization. They have lived so long they no longer remember their gender.

They are one of the most powerful vampires in the Organization, and many of Garde's brethren fear them.

It has been said that Garde has wandered battlefields for centuries in search of corpses to assume command over.

Appearance Edit

Garde's appearance is often compared to that of a mummy's. They are wrapped in layers upon layers of black bandages. Their only exposed features are their right eye, the area around their neck and bellybutton, and their shoulder-length hair (which sticks straight up into the air).

Abilities Edit

Garde possesses formidable subjugation abilities - they are able to possess everything from dead fish to one's cells (this is how Garde is able to save Rudi Wenders: Garde subjugates the cells in Rudi's body).

Garde, however, specializes in subjugating corpses. Dead things. They will reanimate humans, fish, animals - anything. They are (perhaps rightfully) considered one of the more dangerous of the Organization members, and many are afraid of them.

Garde also seems to have some sort of commanding power via their voice. Through simple, bolded commands (almost like spells) - Garde can exert control over whatever they have subjugated.

For example, Garde commands their abomination (made out of dead fish) to Rot, and it complies. When they comes across the dying Rudi, they subjugate Rudi's cells and command him to ...Heal and later Speak.

Through their abilities, Garde can change their outward appearance.

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