Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein (ゲルハルト・フォン・バルシュタイン Geruharuto fon Barushutain) "The Red Pool of Blood" (赤き血潮 Akaki Chishio) is one of the founders of The Organization and its current chairman. He was the Lord of Waldstein Castle until he passed the title down to his adopted son Relic von Waldstein.

Gerhardt was originally a human (born centuries prior to the novels) who was turned into a vampire when he was a young man. He helped to found The Organization after his turning, and began researching a way to get rid of vampiric weaknesses.

His research culminated with a special bacteria that he injected into his bloodstream. He threw his humanoid body away and became a 'liquid gentleman' - a sentient pool of blood, so to speak.

Thanks to the bacteria the only thing Gerhardt needs to live is sunlight, since he receives energy through a particularly efficient means of photosynthesis.

Gerhardt eventually left The Organization so that he could focus on his duties as Lord of Waldstein Castle. In the early 2000s, he returns to the Organization to be its chairman after Relic succeeds him as lord.

Gerhardt communicates with others by forming his 'body' into words and diagrams. He writes in various different fonts which represent his sentiments.

Personality Edit

Above all else, Gerhardt is a gentleman. He believes firmly in courtesy, and is always considerate of others - even if they intend him harm.

He prefers to avoid violence and instead come to some sort of resolution via negotiation and words rather than weaponry. However as Watt Stalf points out to Relic: "You know what? Your old man--he'd have avoided a fight. But whether things worked out or not, he'd have negotiated with everything he had."

Still, Gerhardt has described himself as a coward. He says he has no need for 'unwarranted' power - as long as he has enough to protect those dear to him, he will be satisfied.

He is a terrible liar. He also enjoys video games - from handheld games to online MMORPGs.

(Chronology, etc forthcoming)

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