Grandmother Job ( ゾブ Zobu), affectionately known as Granny Job, is a centuries-old werewolf who lives in Waldstein Castle. She was alive when The Organization was founded, and helped rescue the vampire brothers Aiji Ishibashi and Yellow Bridgestone when they were children.

In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, she serves the commander of the other werewolf familiars of Waldstein Castle. She is still a formidable fighter despite her age, and she leads the rescue of Michael Dietrich and Ferret von Waldstein from Rudi Wenders in 2005.

Appearance Edit

Job was extremely tall in her youth, and beautiful and rugged besides. Her back has since stooped with old age, and she now wears more matronly dresses and keeps her grey hair in a bun.

Personality Edit

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Chronology Edit

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