Hawking (ホーキング Hōkingu) the "Nothing-But-Present-Void" (ただそこにある無 Tada soko ni aru na) is a black hole vampire and a member of The Organization.

Sentient, Hawking emits "mysterious signals" from his 'body' and uses the power of his soul to convert them to messages that ignore travel time and sends them to Earth. Through this form of telepathy, he can communicate with all vampires all over the world (and a few select humans). As an ultimate observer, he studies the mentality of Earthlings, and attempts to speak accordingly with what he has learned.

Hawking is mathematically inclined, and is able to run dense calculations and statistical computations in a matter of seconds.

Chronology Edit

In 2005, he telepathically communicates a message from Gerhardt von Waldstein to many vampires, including Mirald Mirror and Key Dorrikey. The message invites all available Colors (officers) to the country home of the Mars Family at midnight local time on the final day of the month.

Noticing his name being discussed, Hawking 'asks' Mirald if he 'called'. He had not. Hawking wishes him a good aeon.

Later,e Hawking watches the Earth, and the descent of Relic von Waldstein into primal grief and rage. As the young vampire levitates inside a humungous pillar of compressed power, Hawking ponders the matter, runs several calculations for fun on the potential outcomes and has a "long discussion" with Mirald (which lasts in reality for several seconds). He informs Mirald that Relic isn't actually using his powers yet -- he's just "pulling back his fist," so to speak. In archery terms, he's pulling the string back as far as he can, preparing to unleash his full power in one go. From his calculations (on the outcome should Relic 'lash out' with his fist), he surmises that Relic will be able to instantly synchronize with something as large as the moon.

In other words, Relic is fully capable of destroying the Earth entirely.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Hawking is named after Stephen Hawking, a famous cosmologist and theoretical physicist who has researched black holes extensively.
  • Hawking the Void is Vamp!'s "go-to character for power level inflation prevention," according to the character guide at the end of Vamp! IV. He is the strongest character in the series.
  • How Hawking receives visual information is apparently one of the "Seven Mysteries of Vampirekind."
  • In the Durarara!! Gaiden "The Two Getting Along," Hawking is mentioned in a magazine Celty Sturluson is reading as a black-hole-like life form seen in a photo of Waldstein Castle.