I'm willing to be slightly underhanded in the pursuit of a positive workplace atmosphere.

–Masashi to Watt Stalf, Vamp!

Masashi Mamiya (間宮雅司 Mamiya Masashi) the "Mage" (手品師 Tejinashi) is a former salaryman and former subordinate of Watt Stalf. He currently holds an administrator position at Waldstein Castle.

Appearance Edit

Masashi is a Japanese man of ordinary appearance. He wears square glasses and business suits as he did in his salaryman years.

Personality Edit

To be expanded on. Masashi is a man who worships the strong and looks down on the weak. He desires power of his own, and almost matches Watt in terms of pettiness. He is very much a brownnoser.

Though he now has supernatural powers of his own as a vampire, Masashi is very fond of stage magic and continues to practice it to this day.

Chronology Edit

To be written/expanded on.


Masashi was once a human salaryman who dabbled in stage magic in Hagane City, Japan. He was turned by a vampire around 1994, and he thus began drinking the blood of humans. After the vampire who turned him perished in a forest fire sometime around 1999, Masashi was left without a master. Exhilarated by his newfound freedom, Masashi drank the blood of ten humans that night.

He proceeded to travel across Japan, mingling with other vampires along the way, and eventually he made his way to The Organization in Europe. Through the Organization, he found himself subordinate of and acting negotiator for Watt Stalf.

Masashi's plan to usurp Watt in May 2004 goes awry, and through a series of events he assumes an administrative position at Waldstein Castle under Relic von Waldstein.

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