Melhilm Herzog (メルヒルム・ヘルツォーク Meruhirumu Herutsōku) the "Violet Sage" (紫識者 Murasaki Shikisha) is a Rainbow officer of The Organization, and a scientist who has experimented on test subjects for centuries in the hopes of creating a 'perfect vampire.'

Melhilm is an impatient man who is quick to deem his experiments failures if they do not meet his expectations promptly.

He is somewhat traumatized from when he was partially eaten by Shizune Kijima.

Appearance Edit

Melhilm has blond hair, pointed ears, and wears a long violet coat.

His bats have the unique characteristic of sporting human eyes.  

Trivia Edit

  • His moniker, the "Violet Sage" was created by Aiji Ishibashi. It is a pun in Japanese (it reads Murasaki Shikisha, which is a reference to Murasaki Shikibu), but Melhilm is unaware of this. If he knew, he'd be furious.
  • He enjoys blood.

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