Michael, his name was. That boy may very well go on to become something great.

Theodosius M. Waldstein to The Professor, Vamp! II

Michael Dietrich (ミヒャエル・ディートリッヒ Mihyaeru Dītorihhi) is a teenaged human who lives on the island of Growerth. He emphatically loves Ferret von Waldstein with all his heart, and he plans to become a children's storybook artist someday.

In 2005, he suffers severe injuries in a confrontation with Rudi Wenders. His right hand is now paralyzed as a result.

The same year, he decides to take on a part-time job with The Organization.

He is beloved by the residents of Waldstein Castle for his all-accepting nature. He shows no alarm or fear when meeting people of different species, and he treats everyone equally and without prejudice.

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Trivia Edit

  • His first name is pronounced "Mihail."
  • His surname 'Dietrich' is derived from the name Tederich/Theodorich, which composed of the elements theud (people; race) and ric (powerful; rich). The name can thus mean "ruler of the people."

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