Michael, his name was. That boy may very well go on to become something great.

Theodosius M. Waldstein to The Professor, Vamp! II

Michael Dietrich (ミヒャエル・ディートリッヒ Mihyaeru Dītorihhi) is a teenaged human who lives on the island of Growerth. He emphatically loves Ferret von Waldstein with all his heart, and plans to work as a children's storybook illustrator.

In 2005, he suffers severe injuries in a confrontation with Rudi Wenders that leave his right hand paralyzed. He is unexpectedly reunited with Rudi when he takes on a part-time job with The Organization later that year.

Appearance Edit

Michael has short brown hair and brown eyes. He dresses far more casually than Ferret, his simple shirts and jeans contrasting her stiff formalwear. When he is excited, he has a habit of gesticulating wildly while talking.

Personality Edit

Michael is beloved by the residents of Waldstein Castle for his all-accepting nature. He shows no alarm or fear when meeting individuals of different species, treating everyone without prejudice and always believing in people's best. This sometimes poses trouble, as his easily trusting nature makes him gullible in the eyes of those who would take advantage of him.

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Trivia Edit

  • His first name is pronounced "Mihail."
  • His surname 'Dietrich' is derived from the name Tederich/Theodorich, which composed of the elements theud (people; race) and ric (powerful; rich). The name can thus mean "ruler of the people."