Mirald Mirror (ミラルド・ミラー Mirarudo Mirā) "The Mirror" (鏡獄 Kagamigoku) is an officer of The Organization, and a telepathic vampire.

In 2005, he travels to Growerth to meet Relic von Waldstein.

Appearance Edit

Mirald looks to be around twenty years old, and has black hair. He wears goggles with lenses reminiscent of mirrors.

At his soiree at the start of Vamp! V, he wears an expensive black high-end tuxedo, with no necktie.

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Abilities Edit

He specializes in telepathy. He can forcibly read others' minds, and can send compressed information into a target's mind to destroy their psyche (he can transmit thoughts, feelings, memories - in a matter of seconds, if he wants). This means that he is nearly unbeatable in battles of intelligence.

On the flip side, he is powerless against non-sentient objects, like weapons and security systems. Having no combat skills, he can do naught but turn into fog and flee for his life.

When Mirald [terribly] thirsts for blood, he involuntarily acts like a loudspeaker. This means that the people around him will be able to hear the thoughts of others in the crowd.

He's immune to running water (Vamp! V).

Trivia Edit

  • He likes crowd psychology.
  • The Organization ranks him at the top of their list of most rotten personalities, and he is a match for Doubs Hewley as a troublemaker.