I just want to see Master Watt smiling. I want to see him smile again and again and again. So I want him to live for a long time.

–Pirie, Vamp! I

Pirie Mistwalker (ピリエ・ミストウォーカー Pirie Misutowōkā) is a vampire who is devoted to Watt Stalf. After the events of May 2004, she assumes residence at Waldstein Castle, leaving the employment of Watt.

Appearance Edit

Pirie wears clothing reminiscent of a jester's outfit, with purple and red colors. She wears a red, Santa-esque hat regularly.

Pirie has a 'distinctive' pattern pained over her eyes and nose; the lower half of her face is bare. The pattern itself has differed between illustrations: in some drawings it is shown as two splotches separately covering her eyes (as seen in the infobox portrait); in others the paint extends to cover her forehead and bridge of her nose, with stripes extending diagonally down her cheeks.

She has blond hair, blue eyes and pointed ears.

When she turns into mist, her mist is always multicolored.

Personality Edit

Pirie is cheerful and energetic, quick to make friends and quick to protect them. She has a mischievous, playful air that befits her outfit and moniker, and is always eager to please Watt. She dreams of seeing his honest smile again someday, and although she is very aware of his personality flaws she continues to admire him (and find him 'dreamy').

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