Sorry for scarin’ ya! But we’re on your side, yanno? Wipe those tears and lift up those chins! You’re about to get some badass helpers over there. The answer? After the break. You can check it on our website after that, folks!

–QAWSED to Horst Gedeck, Vamp! IV

QAWSED "Hackey Mouse" ("ハッキーマウス" Hakkī Mausu) is one of the officers of The Organization.

Usually called Hackey by other officers, no one has ever seen his physical form and it is presumed he exists only the digital plane. He has complete access to the internet and other communication networks as well, making him a very useful asset for the Organization.

There are multiple rumours about his origin, one being that he synchronised his consciousness to the internet in a similar manner to how Valdred Ivanhoe synchronised his to the island. Some Officers even believe QAWSED to be an elaborate prank on the part of Doubs Hewley.

He usually verbally communicates through phones or computers, occasionally signalling his presence with a trademark mouse-mascot show on-screen. His digital nature allows him to multitask with ease, as seen when he coordinates a rescue team while simultaneously keeping in touch with the rescue targets.

Personality Edit

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. You’re gonna regret this one.

Hackey is laid-back and generally cheerful, but displays a more vindictive side when annoyed. When he could no longer tolerate Rudi Wenders' poor treatment of Alma, he revealed to Rudi a certain truth about his sister Elsa that shook him to his core. Whether QAWSED was aware of how deeply his words would affect Rudi or not, he chose to reveal significant information during a high-risk situation.

He is also on good terms with Doubs, and nonchalant about Doubs' dubious ethics.

Trivia Edit

  • The only area that QAWSED cannot access is a network in Tokyo's Ikebukuro District, with Tsukumoya Shinichi from Durarara!! heavily hinted as being the one responsible. Their virtual feud is known on some level to the Organization.
  • He speaks in a 'trademarked high-pitch voice.'