Rudi Wenders (ルーディー・ベンダース Rūdī Bendāsu) the "Nidhogg" (ニーズホッグ Nīzuhoggu) is a human who becomes an Eater in order to kill vampires and eventually take his revenge upon Theodosius M. Waldstein. To achieve this end, he and his childhood friend Theresia Riefenstahl join The Organization.

In 2005, he and Theresia are dispatched to the island of Growerth alongside Zygmunt Kiparis and accompanied by Melhilm Herzog. There, Rudi encounters Theo and the two have a eventful confrontation. As a result of the encounter, Rudi fatally overexerts himself.

His life is saved by Garde Ritzberg, who subjugates Rudi's cells and makes him his new sworn follower.

Appearance Edit

Rudi's civilian attire is of gothic origin, and includes a white shirt with a frilled collar, a black ribbon tie, and black vest. His complexion has taken on a sickly, ashen hue in the months following his revival, though his face retains a hint of childlikeness.

For his various Organization missions, Rudi wears a humungous grey suit of armor designed in a blend of East and West styles. Glimpses of red fabric peek out through the armor's gaps, with a red bow-tie is fastened prominently around Rudi's neck. At a glance, the armor appears to easily be over a hundred kilograms in weight.

Personality Edit

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After Theo betrayed him, young Rudi loathed all of vampirekind and believed fervently that humans and vampires could not live harmoniously.

Chronology Edit

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Abilities Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Etymology: Rudi's title, Nidhogg, is the name of a dragon-serpent of Norse Mythology that devours the roots of the world-tree Yggdrasil alongside its brethren. From the old-norse Níðhöggr, Nidhogg literally translates to "Malice-Striker," fittingly appropriate for an Eater who devours just as Nidhogg does.