The NEET Squad (ニート組 Nīto Gumi) is a group comprising of six to twelve or so vampires who were once under the command of Watt Stalf. They moved into Waldstein Castle after the events of May 2004 (and falling head over heels for the castle maids), and currently live there as freeloaders.

In 2005, the freeloaders learn the truth about the past of "The Doctor," who is actually Theodosius M. Waldstein. Later in the year, they are the first castle residents to interact with Pamela D. Rosskleim when she arrives at the castle grounds. She spurns them, and later injures one of them after Relic von Waldstein comes to their defense.

Personality Edit

Several of the NEET Squad are fans of Japanese games and animation, and often reference common tropes in both mediums. They are also big fans of capitalism and money in general; while they are lazy to the point where they are reluctant to help a friend in need, the prospect of money is guaranteed to get them up and moving. They openly acknowledge that they are 'never serious.'

They are also motivated by the prospect of entertainment, since they are often consumed with boredom.

They are often demanding and blunt when it comes to what they want (money, usually) and very talkative amongst themselves (to the point of ignoring others). They have expressed dissatisfaction with how they are constantly in the background, and feel that they need a selling point to make them memorable like (for example) Pirie Mistwalker.

Trivia Edit

  • NEET stands for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training," and usually applies to young people. In Japan, NEETs have often been framed as lazy, and voluntarily unemployed.
  • Like other background-cast groups in the Naritaverse, the members have a distinct way of talking. One member often emphasizes words by vocally spelling them out. For instance: "E-U-R-O-S! E-U-R-O-S!"
  • Before they were vampires, they were "unemployed bums."
  • There is only one woman in the group, and she is currently dating Masashi Mamiya, another former subordinate of Watt.