The Professor ( 教授 Kyōju) is a vampiric being that works in the laboratory under Waldstein Castle alongside "The Doctor," also known as Theodosius M. Waldstein, researching ways to eliminate vampires' weaknesses. She has no memories of who she was before the coffin.

It is highly likely that the bones inside her coffin are that of Elsa Wenders - the older sister of Rudi Wenders, and the Doctor's lost love. Her soul is bound to the bones, and if the door to her coffin is left open she cannot move, lifeless.

Because she is a coffin with no eyes, she perceives everything directly via her soul just like Gerhardt von Waldstein does.

Appearance Edit

The Professor's main 'body' is that of a white, two-meter tall coffin. The coffin stands on its narrow end, and is equipped with caterpillar tracks to facilitate movement. A pair of robotic arms stick out from the back of the coffin, and are encased inside the sleeves of a very large lab coat.

The Professor speaks with a cutesy voice that sounds as if it belongs in some magical girl anime.