I know that nothing I do will ever be enough to make up for what I’ve done. But... but I’m still wandering, looking for someone to act as my judge. I... I want someone to pass judgement on me. I want someone to punish me—hand down my sentence. I... I want to repent and be forgiven...

–Theo to The Professor, Vamp! III

Theodosius "Theo" Melhilm Waldstein (テオドシウス・メルヒルム・バルシュタイン Teodoshiusu Meruhirumu Barushutain) works as the "Doctor" for the residents of Waldstein Castle. He lives underground with his colleague and friend The Professor.

Originally experimented on by Melhilm Herzog and abandoned by Melhilm as a failure, Theo was mentally unstable and desperate for someone to need him. Eventually he cracked and became a mass murderer, revelling in the act of killing without really comprehending (or even controlling) what he was doing.

Once he 'came to his senses' he was distraught at the atrocities he had committed. He went into hiding with Elsa Wenders - only for Theresia Riefenstahl to deal Elsa a mortal blow. In desperation, Theo spilt his blood over Elsa's remains. It is very likely that Elsa's remains are the bones to which The Professor is bound.

He and the Professor make their new home in the caverns below Waldstein Castle. His past comes back to haunt him when Rudi Wenders (a boy he'd betrayed) seeks vengeances against him.

Appearance Edit

Theo is youthful, with an appearance resembling "artificial, geometric elegance." He has shimmering silver hair (like a mirror) and 'beautiful eyes that glint like crystals': his irises are light silver, juxtaposing his black pupils.

His facial features - nose, ears, lip shapes - are extremely beautiful, much like a sculpture.

Despite his youthful appearance (he looks as if he is in his early teens), there is nothing that suggests 'future potential' - as in, the potential that every child possesses which hints at their eventual growth (e.g. baby fat). He looks already 'complete.'

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