I’m going to keep loving Theo until the end. So... you can spend the next hundred years torturing him, and I’ll give all my love to Theo, who’s going to be all alone. That... makes sense, right?

–Theresia to Rudi Wenders, Vamp! III

Theresia Riefenstahl (テレジア・リーフェンシュタール Terejia Rīfenshutāru) the "Hraesvelgr" (フレースヴェルグ  Furēsuverugu) is a human who joined The Organization to become an Eater alongside Rudi Wenders in order to take revenge upon vampires and Theodosius M. Waldstein. At least - that was what Rudi believed.

In reality, Theresia had loved Theo ever since she was a child, and killed Rudi's older sister Elsa Wenders out of jealousy over him. She became an Eater hoping that she would eventually reunite with Theo someday.

At the end of Vamp! III, Theresia is subjugated by Loa.

Appearance Edit

Theresia is a young woman (not quite an adult) dressed in a strange black Gothic outfit designed for ease of movement. She has short blond hair and green eyes.