–Val's first thought

Valdred Ivanhoe (ヴァルドレット・アイヴォンホー Varudoretto Aivonhō) is a watermelon vampire who gained sentience as a result of experiments conducted by Melhilm Herzog.

Appearance Edit

Valdred's true form prior to the events of 2005 is that of an ordinary watermelon. By 'drawing' illusions onto the retinas of others, he is able to fool them into thinking he was a shapeshifter; however, his true form is still discernible if looked at via a reflection or photograph.

In 2005, Val sacrifices his original vessel - the watermelon - in order to protect Selim Vergès. His consciousness and soul become one with the island of Growerth, and as such he has the ability to 'project' any corporeal medium that he wants at any time and any place on the island through which he can interact with the islanders.

Val's preferred form is that of a green-haired boy, and the form he identifies with most. His illusions perfectly convey his emotions in real-time, similar to how Gerhardt von Waldstein's form translates his thoughts into visual words.

Personality Edit

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Val becomes sentient after absorbing the souls of countless vampires, and as a consequence, his sense identity is confused and near non-existent in the early days of his existence. Afraid that he does not have a unique sense of self – that all his feelings and thoughts are simply 'borrowed' from the absorbed souls – he spends much of his early life adopting whatever personas best fit the various 'forms' he takes on. Above all else, he is terrified of people discovering his true form.

For all of Val's concerns over having a lack of identity, there are personality traits which one may ascribe to Val as opposed to one of his personas. He is sheepish and polite with Selim Vergès and others who are kind to him, and panicked and self-sacrificing when she and others are in danger.

Chronology Edit

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Nature and Abilities Edit

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