–Val's first thought

Valdred Ivanhoe (ヴァルドレット・アイヴォンホー Varudoretto Aivonhō) is a plant-based vampire. Originally a watermelon, Valdred was experimented on by Melhilm Herzog - who had the watermelon absorb the blood and souls of various vampires. Val became sentient, and a vampire.

As a result of the experiments, Val's sense of identity is confused and near non-existent. He is afraid that he does not have a unique sense of self - and that all his feelings and thoughts are just 'borrowed' from the souls of the vampires he absorbed. As a result, he tends to take on different personas that fit with the appearances he takes on.

At first glance, one might think that Val is a shapeshifter - given that he can take on different appearances (a giant, a female beauty, a boy...) with ease. In reality, Val does not shapeshift at all. He essentially 'draws' illusions onto the retinas of others, fooling them into believing that he can transform his body.

In 2005, Val sacrifices his original vessel - the watermelon - in order to protect Selim Vergès. Before his conscious can fade, Val ends up 'becoming one' with the island of Growerth. To clarify: his consciousness is essentially linked to the entire island.

No longer tied to his watermelon, Val maintains an illusion of a green-haired boy (his preferred form) which he uses as a corporeal medium to interact with the islanders with. The illusion perfectly mimics Val's emotions in real-time.

(Rest to be added)

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