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Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein greets the reader and and introduces them to himself and other key players of the story. He first explains his title and role as protector of the island Growerth and then introduces the reader to his adopted children, the vampire twins Relic von Waldstein and Ferret von Waldstein. After remarking on Relic's near pureblood status, he asks the reader how they feel about vampires before assuring them that Relic may not live up to any of their expectations of mythical exploits.

Gerhardt moves on to Mayor Watt Stalf and discusses his personality at great length, noting that he himself feels none of the animosity toward Watt that Watt holds for him. He then briefly remarks on one Shizune Kijima and her 'particular passion' for a certain kind of food, warning the reader to curb their enthusiastic curiosity since the raw ingredients she seeks may haunt them for the rest of their days.

Gerhardt claims that he holds his title of viscount with pride, and that he often receives help from the locals whom he protects. He cites the siblings Michael and Hilda Dietrich as an example, adding that they are friends with and romantic interests of his children. Realizing that the reader is through with introductions and is impatient to see his true form, he chuckles that he has shown the reader his true form all along. His next sentence is cut off.

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