Vamp! III is the third light novel in the Vamp! series.

It was published in August 2005 and is 414 pages long.

Chapters Edit

(continued from Vamp! II)

  • Color Pages
  • Chapter 7: The Orange Officer Tastes Delight, and...
  • Chapter 8: Snow White is Dyed in Red, and...
  • Chapter 9: Evil Incarnate Puts on a Smile, and...
  • Chapter 10: The Flower Heals the Heart of the Sinner, and...
  • Chapter 11: The Guardian Spirit Hatches from its Shell
  • Epilogues
    • Epilogue A: All Nights are Ended by Dawn
    • Epilogue B: All Days are Ended by Dusk
    • Epilogue C: In the Space Between Night and Day
    • Epilogue D: And as for the Sinner...

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