Vamp! V is the fifth light novel in the Vamp! series.

It was published in October 2010 and is 386 pages long.

Chapters Edit

  • Color Pages
  • Prologue: The storyteller doth arrive!
  • Chapter 1: The Silver Wolf Doth Savor!
  • Interlude 1: The Dhampyr Doth Encounter!
  • Chapter 2: The Clan Member Doth Devastate
  • Interlude 2: The Liquid Gentleman Doth Speak!
  • Chapter 3: The Killer Doth Steal Through Darkness
  • Interlude 3: The Mayor Doth Declare Candidacy!
  • Chapter 4: Despair & Hope Doth Clash
  • Epilogue: The Storyteller Doth Depart!

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