Watson (ワトソン Watoson) is the assistant of "ace detective" Key Dorrikey.

She is an amnesiac werewolf who does not even know her real name. "Watson" was a name bestowed on her by Dorrikey, whose reasoning was that "Watson" is the only name befitting a Detective's Assistant.

Appearance Edit

Watson is about fourteen or fifteen years old. She has short, very curly silver hair that peeks out from under her bowler hat, and has blue eyes. She wears an 'old-fashioned' suit for men. Her clothing was picked out for her by Dorrikey (who is obviously tailoring her after John Watson).

In werewolf form, her fur is silver. She can transform partially and fully.

Personality Edit

Watson is a fairly simple girl - driven mostly by her constant hunger and cravings for raw meat. If she is hungry she is easily distractible - for instance, when she and Dorrikey arrive in Growerth she is quickly distracted by a sausage truck and wanders off on her own.

She speaks in short, simple statements that are usually emotionless in tone. Most of her actions are simply reactions to base emotions or senses - she acts on hunger, when threatened, or when someone else is threatened, she follows her nose if she smells something of particular interest.