Zygmunt Kiparis (ジグムント・キパリース Jigumunto Kiparīsu) the "Green Army" (緑の軍隊 Midori no Guntai) is a Rainbow officer of The Organization. She is a loyal follower of Caldimir Aleksandrov.

Zygmunt possesses the 'terrifying ability' to subjugate others via airborne infection. She has an army of subjugated humans that she can use at any time. Her main body (a humanoid woman) is known as the Trunk; the twelve most powerful subjugated humans under her control are known as Branches, and the weaker remainder are known as Leaves.

She is capable of subjugating up to a hundred thousand humans at once via airborne infection.

In 2005, Caldimir orders Zygmunt, Melhilm Herzog, Rudi Wenders and Theresia Riefenstahl to infiltrate the island of Growerth under the pretext of targeting Relic von Waldstein. Unlike Rudi and Theresia, Zygmunt is aware that Caldimir's real target is Valdred Ivanhoe.

Trivia Edit

  • Zygmunt almost never attends the Organization's meetings.
  • The reader is led to believe that Zygmunt is a man,which makes the reveal of Zygmunt as Watt's secretary a surprise.